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December 2009

At the November PTA meeting, PTA officers, parents and school staff had a discussion regarding fundraising, and in particular, children selling a product in the community. We are appreciative of past fundraisers and money raised has allowed us to buy items (like technology) that we would not otherwise have been able to purchase.  However, now is the time to review these activities and do what is right for our families.       

Not only was concern expressed about safety for children, but is it really appropriate to ask our kids to solicit money for schools?  School fundraising has a long tradition and is even controversial.  We believe that many families would rather not support fundraisers that ask children to sell a product (cookie dough, magazines, catalogues). The number of kids participating in the Yacolt/Amboy fundraisers, and profit to the schools, have both been declining in recent years.  

It is interesting to note that the companies selling products to the schools get a larger percentage of the income.  However, our community is very supportive of fundraisers that take place within a school, such as the basket raffle held in the spring during open house at Yacolt and Amboy, Box Tops For Education, and popcorn days at Yacolt. 

Battle Ground School District Policy No. 3530 “Fund Raising Activities Involving Students” states in part, “The Board acknowledges that the solicitation of funds from students, staff, and citizens must be limited since students are a captive audience and since solicitation can disrupt the program of the schools.”  In addition, we question whether kids make the connection between the items they sell, and the things the school can purchase as a result of their efforts. 

The outcome of our PTA meeting, and a follow-up discussion with school administrators and PTA, is a decision to stop fundraising activities that have our children selling a product in the community.  Amboy Middle School will not have the cookie dough fundraiser in January and Yacolt Primary will discontinue the fall catalogue fundraiser.  We will continue with a minimum of fund raising activities that take place within the schools such as the basket raffle, Box Tops For Education, and popcorn days – 100% of the money raised, from these activities, go to the schools!   

Our community supports Yacolt Primary and Amboy Middle schools in many ways and this includes turning out in large numbers for school events, volunteering for activities, support of the PTA, and overall financial support for our schools.

Thank you to our Yacolt/Amboy community!


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